Letter To MP’s in the UK – Genocide Amendment: “We are SO far from ‘NEVER Again’!”

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China Alarm – 19.1.2021 – Letter To MP’s in the UK – Genocide Amendment

“We are SO far from ‘NEVER Again’!”

Dear honorable Members of Parliament,

— Please, back the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill! —

[Introduction about China Alarm]

I am writing to you to kindly ask you to please back the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill on Tuesday, January 19th.

After the Holocaust, we all unanimously said ‘NEVER AGAIN!’. Those words should be supported by taking action. If we trade with states commiting genocide ‘#NEVERAgain!’ would have been an empty promise and very little would have been learned from the worst crimes ever committed in the past.

Please, let your heart and conscience speak and VOTE FOR the genocide amendment. It is our moral duty to do all we can to prevent and stop genocides.

Please, insist on justice for the millions of victims of genocide and refuse to make bloodstained trade deals with those responsible for the worst of all crimes!

Referring to the well formulated words of Benedict Rogers: You “have a chance to vote for an historic amendment that will end decades of dither over action to STOP GENOCIDE, and in so doing to be on the right side of history.” (1). I would like to invite you, doing so!


  1. MedicalGenocide: The CCP in China is murdering prisoners of conscience, Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs foremostly, but also Christians and Tibetans, for their organs and profit since more than two decades. 60.000 to 90.000 innocent, healthy young prisoners of conscience are killed by thousands of Chinese doctors in hundreds of Chinese hospitals every year. The situation worsens because of the quickly growing transplantation industry.
  2. Millions of innocent Uyghurs have been extrajudicially incarcerated by the CCP in about 1.300 to 1.400 concentration camps in East Turkestan (Xinjiang), China. Regularly, if released, the survivors are emanciated, extremely traumatized, cannot sit, stand or walk, cannot speak and are not even able to recognize their loved ones. These victims remind us strongly of the victims of the Nazis (2).
  3. More than half a million of Uyghur children have been abducted from their families and were placed in state orphanages. Growing up without family and love they are cut off from their cultural roots, their Uyghur identity. Uyghur children furthermore are abused by having to perform child labour (3).
  4. About 80% of women of reproductive age have been sterilized by force by the Chinese government. Masses of women have to undergo Forced abortions. Even infanticides are committed by state order – because the Chinese state merely allows 2 to 3 children for Uyghur families, with a state sanctioned wait time of at least 3 to 4 years between two pregnancies.
  5. Hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs at least have been forced to engage in slave labour. The results of this Crime Against Humanity are piled up on the shelves in the shops of democracies, like in the UK. At the moment we cannot buy anything made of cotton if we do not want to become complicit.
  6. There are 9 major crematoria in East Turkestan. The first started to work in March 2018. For one of them 50 guards were hired. They are very well payed and needed to be mentally and physically strong and “exceptionally brave”, the tender stated (4).
  7. “Uyghurs don’t have human rights!”:
    The way the Chinese government looks at the Uyghurs has a lot in common with how the Nazis looked at the Jews:

A Han Chinese Communist Party Official:

❗”Uyghurs don’t have human rights!”

❗“Uyghurs are not considered human by the Chinese government.”

An engineer who worked on the surveillance technology being developed in Xinjiang:

❗“They [Uyghurs] are like mice being experimented on for research purposes.” (5)

Chinese University professor: “We torture and eradicate the bad races.”

“In 2013, Chinese professor AI Yuejin spoke at Nankai University to military students and said the following:

“Do you know what is the foundation for our nation to become stronger? It is not our national defense, not education, and not economy. It is the vast territory we own… During the past 200 years we have assimilated all of the ethnic minoritygroups in the peripheries of China into our race. ❗The nature of our culture is to assimilate. We change and accept the good races into our own society and torture and eradicate the bad ones.”❗(6)

“We are SO far from ‘NEVER Again’!”

Message to MPs by two Holocaust survivors living in the UK. Mrs. Dorit Oliver- Wolff and Mrs. Ruth Barnett tell you why they feel the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill must be passed. (7)

David Matas: The Holocaust, a precedent and a warning:

Last but not least, I would like to invite you to the brilliant recent speech by David Matas, a well known Canadian international human rights lawyer and one of the most important investigators of Forced Live Organ Harvesting in China: ‘The Holocaust and the mass killing of Falun Gong for their Organs.’:

“Yehuda Bauer, in the text I quoted at the beginning of this talk, wrote that the Holocaust can be a precedent, or it can become a warning. In my view it can be both and, in the case of the killing of Falun Gong for their organs, it has been both.” (8)

Finally, I would like to express my wish that we all living in democratic countries now will still do so over years and decades. Not speaking up clearly and loud, and especially finally taking action, will lead to Western democracies being robbed of their freedoms, democracies and rule of law. Voting FOR the Genocide Amendment means safeguarding our democracies and the lives of your children and grandchildren to be lived in freedom.

Thank you very much for your attention!


(1) Benedict Rogers:
‘MPs must vote with their conscience and back the Genocide Amendment’

(2) The results of Chinese so called “Re-Education”: Uyghurs hardly alive anymore:

A compilation of fotos of Uyghurs released from concentration camps in East Turkestan, China:

(3) The fate of Uyghur children

On the FB page of China Alarm
you find fotos and videos of overcrowded Chinese children camps filled up with abducted Uyghur children as well as examples of child labour.

(4) Xinjiang’s crematoria

“Amid concerns over the expansion of burial management centers in the XUAR, a job posting listed on the official government website for the region’s capital Urumqi last month called for “50 security personnel with above average health, who are physically and mentally fit, and exceptionally brave, to work in the crematorium located in the city’s Saybagh district for a salary of more than 8,000 yuan (U.S. $1,215) per month.””


See also:

(5)” Uyghurs don’t have human rights.”

The citations come from the documentary “Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag” by filmmaker Lee (ITV).

A Han Chinese Communist Party Official is one of the people interviewed:

“The authorities say it is a special situation here. What is happening is excessive and too extreme. The police looks at Uyghurs with suspicion. If a Uyghur refuses to be checked or asks why, they will be detained. They just lock them up. There is no procedure.”

Lee: “Do Uyghurs feel their Human Rights are being violated?”


Another citation from the documentary:

“Uyghurs are not considered human by the Chinese government,” an engineer who worked on the surveillance technology being developed in Xinjiang tells. “They are like mice being experimented on for research purposes.”

Publication by China Alarm:

ITV documentary “Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Digital Gulag”

(6) Read the whole article here:

(7) Yet Again UK – 18.1.2021 (2 short videos)

A) ‘Dear Members of Parliament’ by Holocaust Survivor Dorit Oliver- Wolff. https://t.co/qNeHfVNWnF

B) “We are SO far from ‘NEVER Again’!” (Ruth Barnett)

“Holocaust Survivors Ruth Barnett MBE and Dorit Oliver-Wolff BEM spoke with Yet Again about why they feel the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill must be passed in this message to MPs.” https://t.co/ggHt31aSud

(8) Speech David Matas, December 9, 2020:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw6l5D6ljK4 (min. 21-31.35)


(This letter was sent to more than 300 MPs)

⁣Met vriendelijke groet /
Kind regards,

T. Zondervan

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