Chinese Government admits Encarceration & Forced Labour of Millions of Uyghurs

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China on September 17, 2020 published a White Paper with the title ‘Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang’. Compilation of … Read More

Kidneys of Uyghurs for Sale

Chinese Kidney Transplantations中國腎臟移植جۇڭگونىڭ بۆرەك كۆچۈرۈش Beijing Armed Police Hospital Kidney Transplant November 2019 – Wait time: 1 week — 3 kidney transplants in a week time China Alarm came across. … Read More

PRESSRELEASE 7.9.2020 – International Webinar ‘Forced Organ Harvesting in China: Facts & Myths’ September 9, 2020

PERSBERICHT CHINA ALARM   Internationaal Webinar ‘Gedwongen Orgaanroof in China: Feiten en Fabels’ Zeven Experts inzake Orgaanroof in China spreken op ‘Nederlandse Bodem’                   … Read More

PETITION ‘STOP the (cultural) genocide of Uyghurs!’

♥️   Very special  ♥️ Politieke jongerenorganisaties PerspectieF, CDJA, JS, JD, DWARS, SGPJ, JOVD, PINK! en Oppositie – 28.8.2020 PETITION for Uyghurs: PLEASE SIGN! 🇳🇱 Stop de (culturele) genocide van de … Read More

PETITION for Uyghurs ‘STOP Detention & Forced Labour!’

ORGANIZER: Uyghur Support Group Netherlands RECEIVER: Dutch Government 🇳🇱 Veroordeel de detentie en dwangarbeid van Oeigoeren(en eis vrijlating van alle Oeigoeren, Kazachen en anderen in detentiekampen in Xinjiang) 🇬🇧 Condemn … Read More

WEBINAR Sept. 9, 2020 7-9.30 pm CEST

China Alarm  S P E C I A L China Alarm (NL) & Uyghur Christian Society, (UK) SPEAKERS & LOCATION International Webinar with 7 Expert Speakers from: Canada, U.S., Japan, Germany and … Read More

International Day of the DISAPPEARED

International Day of the DISAPPEARED August 30 Thinking of all of the very many people disappeared in China…

WEBINAR – September 9, 2020, 7-9 pm CEST

⚠️ China Alarm  S P E C I A L – China Alarm (NL) & Uyghur Christian Society, (UK) – 28.8.2020 First announcement of our WEBINAR ‘LIFE UNDER THE CCPIN CHINA: … Read More

DOCUMENTARY ‘Medical Genocide’

China Organ Harvest Research Center (COHRC) – 2017 (Video, 20 min.) DOCUMENTARY Medical Genocide: Mass murder in China’s         Organ Transplant System China Organ Harvest Research Center (COHRC) – 2017 (Video, 20 … Read More