Uyghur Tribunal: Second & Final Hearings: Sept. 10 – 13

From September 10 to 13, 2021 the UYGHUR TRIBUNAL will hold its final hearings in London.

The Uyghur Tribunal investigates the atrocities committed by the Chinese state / the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims regarding CRIMES, AGAINST HUMANITY and GENOCIDE.

Meet the expert witnesses who will testify at the Uyghur Tribunal from September 10 to 13 during the second and final public hearings, and get an impression of what expert- and factwitnesses will testify about.

The event on all 4 days will take place from 10am to 7pm CET. It is free of charge. You can follow this landmark event from anywhere in the world (but China) online. The hearings will be live streamed to Twitter (@tribunaluyghur) and Youtube so you DO NOT need a ticket to watch online.

Click on the link below for more information. Included is the preliminary schedule of the hearings.

If human rights matter to you, please watch the hearings and share this information. Many people still don’t know much about the serious crimes China commits against Uyghurs and others in the Xinjiang region (XUAR). Uyghurs call their homeland, which was occupied and colonized by China, East Turkestan.

By extreme surveillance, the Chinese regime created the biggest open air prison in the world. About 1,8 to 3 million of Uyghurs in concentration camps are suffering extremely under extrajudicial encarceration, dehuminization, torture, sexual abuse, indoctrination, lack of hygiene, deprivation of water, food, sleep and medical care, their children (almost 1 million already) taken from them and put into “orphanages”, forced labour, forced abortions and forced sterilizations. Babymurders/infanticides are helping to reduce and eradicate the Uyghur population further, as well as the heinous practice of forced organ harvesting does, by the forced removal of vital organs of innocent prisoners of conscience.

The Uyghur Genocide includes a diversity of medical atrocities, of which one is the Medical Genocide, especially committed against Falun Gong practitioners, but also against Uighurs, Christians and Tibetans.

Xi Jinping built at least 9 mayor crematoriums in the XUAR, of which the first is running for more than 3 years now. Mrs. Rushan Abbas, Executive Director of the Campaign for Uyghurs on September 3rd stated at an international conference on the Xinjiang crisis:

“We are already looking at the later stages of the destruction of Uyghur culture and the loss of Uyghurs’ very lives. The people are perishing. The concentration camps have crematoriums built nearby for a culture that doesn’t practise cremation. This is a genocide, and in spite of the Chinese regime’s best efforts, it is being carried out before the eyes of the world.”

More information on the Tribunal and on the fact- and expertwitnesses being heard by the Uyghur Tribunal from Friday 10 to Monday 13 of September, you can find by following the link below.

Please follow the hearings, learn more about this genocide and spread the word. We said NEVER AGAIN and have to SAVE UYGHURS. It is a cultural, demographic, medical and PHYSICAL GENOCIDE carried out by the Chinese regime. We need to do all we can to stop the genocide asap. The Uyghur Tribunal invistigates which is a highly important step on the path to stop the genocide and save Uyghurs’ lives.

More information:


Intended photo will be added asap. For now, a moving Uyghur flag.

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