Joint letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding concerns about 3 of 6 vaccines for Europe b/c of medical ethics & human rights

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CIPFG Nederland / IRCC – 18.12.2020 – Joint letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) – Action for EUROPE


European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Mr. Harald Enzmann,
Chair of CHMP,
Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use
Domenico Scarlattilaan 6
1083 HS Amsterdam

Regarding the expected approval of the Covid-19 vaccine of Pfizer/BioNTech on Monday Dec 21st, 2020 by EMA –

Request to put the approval on hold because of serious medical ethical concerns & concerns about serious human right violations

Dear Mr. Enzmann,

On December 15, the Dutch media announced the European Medicines Agency (EMA) very probably will approve the Covid-19 vaccine created by Pfizer-BioNTech for Europe next Monday, December 21st. Germany had requested to speed up the process. The approval will be the first of 6 vaccines Europe chose (1) to protect Europeans from Covid-19.

However, with 3 out of the 6 pharma concerns chosen by Europe there are serious medical ethical and human rights related concerns. The companies we are concerned about are Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Sanofi.

We bring these concerns to your attention because we are concerned that essential information from the field of human rights might not be known to EMA and thus might not be taken into account. We feel the need to alert you and raise questions as well as request to first investigate and rule out medical ethical and human rights concerns before EMA will approve these vaccines to be used by European citizens. We are of the opinion that it is essential that Europe does all to prevent any complicity in crimes against humanity committed by the Chinese government / the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Our first concern is that vaccines most probably have been tested forcefully on Uyghur people in China.

Our second concern is that there is a medical genocide going on in China as confirmed by the China Tribunal. Several of the pharma concerns, like Pfizer and Sanofi, are indirectly collaborating with the Chinese regime in this genocide by selling the drugs enabling crimes to be committed. At the moment there are 7 countries which already installed laws against organ tourism to China. The penalty in Belgium is up to 20 years of prison (2).

1. Pfizer-BioNTech:

a) Pfizer:

sells immunosuppressant drugs to China, indirectly supporting/facilitating Forced Live Organ Harvesting in China (known since 2006), a massmurder, also called a medical genocide, committed by the Chinese regime (3), (4) & (5).

Pfizer in 2004 and 2010 carried out trials in China with immunosuppressants during transplantations with, for almost sure, organs from Falun Gong practitioners (6).

b.) BioNTech:

is working together with FOSUN, a Chinese pharma concern (7).

BioNTech is testing its vaccine in China where “medical ethics” is an unknown term and practice. In July 2020 Turkish media informed us that “China will begin to test a possible COVID-19 vaccine candidate produced by a Germany-based BioNTech firm…” (8).

Furthermore, one can not be without concerns regarding Chinese vaccins in general given their history of severe side effects experienced by many users, also babies, reason why many Chinese people go abroad for vaccination (9). Also “trust is extremely important” says the Dutch professor of immunology, Marjolein van Egmond (UMC, Amsterdam), also mentioning
“In China people are already vaccinated while the phase 3-study was not completed. Here this is a no go-area.” (10)

2. AstraZeneca (‘Oxford Vaccine’)

is going to start trials in China this year. The vaccine also will be produced in China (11) while NOS earlier mentioned that “all vaccines will be made in Europe or in the US” (10).

Regarding trials to be done in China the big question is whether participants of trials do participate by free will/by informed consent. This question is essential given the following facts:
1. It is known that the Chinese state earlier forced employees of diverse state owned companies to participate in Covid-19 trials. Also members of the Chinese army, the PLA, had to participate – this force is against the worldwide accepted medical ethical standards (12).
2. East Turkestan (Xinjiang) during the past years has become the biggest open air prison of the world as you already will know. The region includes about 1.400, if not more, concentration camps in which predominantly Uyghurs are held and treated in inhumane ways. Millions of Uyghurs are humiliated, sexually abused, starved, forced fed, tortured, drugged, forcedly aborted and sterilized,…,… as well as killed. The Uyghur Tribunal recently has been set up to investigate the accusations of genocide (13).

Atrocities against and abuse of Uyghurs at the hands of the Chinese regime don’t know any boundaries. Even babies and the elderly are not spared but abused for vaccine trials (14).

Dr. Erkin Sidick is an Uyghur-American Optical Engineer at NASA, founder and president of Uyghur Project Foundation and the Uyghur Information Center. He regularly receives information from middlemen in East Turkestan about the situation in his homeland. He states that a vast amount of Uyghurs, especially young people, were forcedly administered fluids/ ‘Chinese medicine’ by Chinese state officials, seemingly Covid-19 vaccines this way tested on Uyghurs without consent. Uyghurs even first seem to have been infected with the virus on purpose to then eventually being cured by a vaccine in the testing phase with high chances to be hurt or even killed ((15); interview on video in German, transcript by China Alarm in English).


like Pfizer, sells immunosuppressant drugs to China, indirectly supporting/facilitating Forced Organ Harvesting in China (3), (4).

We would like to invite you to support us in our aim to prevent Europe from becoming complicit in very serious medical ethical abuses and human rights violations.

This can be prevented by not approving vaccins of pharma concerns which are indirectly supportive to the worst human rights violations of our times, like forced live organ harvesting/massmurder of especially healthy, young, innocent prisoners of conscience in China as well as profiting from extrajudicial mass detention of millions of Uyghurs and others in concentration camps who all have been blood- and DNA-tested (16).

We have to take into account that labeling the atrocities against this ethnic Turkic minority is underway, with many politicians globally already calling it what it is: a genocide by the Chinese government. A “criminal government” as the China Tribunal clearly stated (4).

Besides the China Tribunal mentioning the Uyghurs as victims of illegal organ harvesting, also Ethan Gutmann this year stated, based on many documented testimonies, that vast amounts of Uyghurs are disappearing every day in the camps and that at least 25.000 Uyghurs every year are killed for their organs (17).

It should also not be forgotten that we know of at least 9 mayor crematoria in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), the first in use since March 2018, with a recent report on one of the crematoria, besides a graveyard, located directly in between two camps (18).

Furthermore, in East Turkestan diverse special priority lanes were created at airports for human organ transport (16).

We have to realize that the medical genocide against Falun Gong practitioners is going on for more than 21 years now while the genocide against Uyghurs shows many and strong resemblances with the Holocaust (19), as Jewish leaders and communities alert on more and more (20).

The choice of vaccines for Europe needs to be aligned with universal medical ethical standards, a basic need China is not adhering to. You are probably informed about the fact that the Hippocratic Oath, with its birthplace in Europe, is not used/followed in China.


We urgently request that EMA does not approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine next Monday but to first investigate the concerns brought forward by the signatories of this letter.

We ask you to only approve the three vaccines of concern mentioned after a thorough investigation into worldwide accepted medical ethical standards and that they surely and provenly can be granted by these pharma concerns.

Trials carried out in China already proved not to be in line with European medical ethical standards. Trials as well as the production of vaccines for Europe should never take place in China. Europe cannot afford to become complicit in crimes against humanity and (medical) genocide in China by approving, buying and using vaccines tested and/or produced unethically or by dealing with pharma concerns being indirectly supportive to massmurder.

Vaccination and saving lives in Europe should never be based on severe human rights violations and gross lack of medical ethics elsewhere.

We kindly but with emphasis ask you to not approve the Covid-19 vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Sanofi until all concerns mentioned in this letter by evidence will be fully eliminated. European health should not be based on harming people elsewhere. Our health cannot be based on medical ethical abuse and gross violations of human rights.

Thank you very much for your attention. We are looking forward to receive a reaction from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

1. Tanja Zondervan
Human rights advocate
& founder of China Alarm
(Advocacy for & information about Human Rights in China with special attention for the Medical Genocide)

2. Wilbert Stuifbergen
Member #CIPFGnederland (Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China) / China-columnist Radio NPO1 (Zwarte Prietpraat)

3. Lukas Kudlacek & Pavel Porubiak
Institute to Research the Crimes of Communism (#IRCC)

(Given the lack of time there might be more organizations wanting to sign. They will get the chance to sign on later.)



(1) The 6 pharma concerns  Europe chose:

(2) Laws against organ tourism:

❗(3) REPORT “THE ECONOMICS OF ORGAN HARVESTING IN CHINA” by Pavel Porubiak & Lukas Kudlacek, Institute to Research the Crimes of Communism (IRCC):
An important, recent report (December, 2019) about Western firms involved in the big business of transplant abuse in China. A business of billions of dollars, killing 60.000 to 90.000 innocent victims, especially prisoners of conscience, predominantly Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs each year since more than two decades. This report includes facts including 2019 – thus Pfizer until very recently was, and probably still is, involved in transplant abuse in China.
(For further information on this heinous crime of mass killing for organs and profit by the Chinese state, please see reference 3.)

(4) The final, full judgement of the China Tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, one of the main prosecutors of Slobodan Milosevic at the Jugoslavia-Tribunal, of March 1st 2020:
“The Tribunal’s members are certain – unanimously, and sure beyond reasonable doubt – that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims… “
The China Tribunal explicitly mentions pharmaceutical companies: “Governments and any who interact in any substantial way with the PRC including: Doctors and medical institutions;… pharmaceutical and insurance companies… should now recognise that they are, to the extent revealed above, interacting with a criminal state.”

(5) “6 Things That Show China’s Organ Harvesting Is Real”
By 17 minutes of video you will learn about the most important evidence about China’s massmurder for organs and you will know the allegations are true.

(6) “Fosun Pharma Gearing Up to Bring mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine to China”

(7) Book “State Organs – Transplant Abuse in China” (2012), edited by David Matas and Dr. Torsten Trey. Pfizer is mentioned in the chapter “Responsibilities of International Pharmaceutical Companies in the Abusive Chinese Organ Transplant System”, written by researcher Arne Schwarz.
– Page 122: “June 2004: Wyeth (now Pfizer) began a trial involving 122 transplanted  kidneys.”
-Page 123: “December 2010: Pfizer began a trial involving 24 transplanted kidneys.”

(8) “China to test BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine”

(9) “Chinese parents are leaving the mainland to get vaccines for their babies”

(10) “Waarom de EU geen Chinese vaccins tegen corona koopt” (Why the EU does not buy Chinese vaccines against corona)

(11) “AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to begin clinical trials in China – executive”

(12) “China has been vaccinating key workers with unapproved COVID-19 vaccines for weeks”


(14) “MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS ON UYGHURS: Vaccin trials with babies young children and the elderly”:
For more information on forced vaccine trials with Uyghurs, please check the Twitter account of Dr. Erkin Sidick: @ErkinSidick

(15) Please watch this highly informative interview with Dr. Erkin Sidick of October 12, 2020 (5 min./German) by ntv: “China infiziert angeblich heimlich Uiguren mit Corona”
(China allegedly secretly infects Uyghurs with Corona)

– “Human medical experiments for Covid-19 vaccination with Uyghurs, infecting Uyghurs on purpose to then test a vaccine.
– Forced isolation of thousands of Uyghurs during 6 weeks. The infected were given meds by force, injections and had to provide bloodsaples on a daily basis. From every family one person was selected. It all was arranged to develop a vaccine.
– Reason: China promised to develop a vaccine quickly and had no infected people anymore to test the vaccine on.
– Video of the administration of medicine to Uyghur children.
– Forced isolation was carried out at the same time of a very strict lockdown while there were no infections in East Turkestan.
– Within 3 weeks there were about 20.000 Uyghurs infected. During the next 3 weeks the infections decreased in a linear way to zero, as official Chinese data claim.
– A scientist from NY mentions this was no natural situation occurring. The epidemic was created. They needed 20.300 people to join the trial. The lockdown should prevent an uncontrolled spreading of the created epidemic and to assure people were not realizing what was going on.
– Diverse sources stated the forcedly used participants in the trial had to sign an agreement that they would never speak about what had happened.
– Video of a state employee about testing schoolchildren. The action shows to be fake because diverse testing sticks were put in a single container after samples were taken.
– In the meantime Chinese pharma concerns say hundreds of thousands of people already were vaccinated and the vaccine is absolutely safe. Employees and their families had to participate. Noone is allowed, however, to talk about it.
– Interview with Georg Marckmann, ethicist at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universiaet Muenchen: “Transparency is a basic ethical need when doing research on humans. This trial is unacceptable.”
– Independent experts and journalists have no chance to verify these alarming accusations. Scepsis is perfectly appropriate in China’s vaccination efforts.”

(16) “People just disappear in the middle of the night and their organs are harvested”
China: Stop Collecting DNA from Entire Uyghur Population
Including a picture of the human organ priority lane:

(17) Video of a recent webinar by the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC): “Forced Organ Harvesting from Uyghurs: Understanding the Current Evidence” with Ethan Gutmann
Briefing Document on the FOH of Uyghurs on this link.

(18) Aksu Internment Camp Was Former Hospital, Raising Fears Uyghur Detainees Are Used in Organ Trade
Internment Camps in Xinjiang’s Aksu Separated by Crematorium
Concentration Camps And Crematoria In East Turkestan, China: Satellite Image

(19) Some examples by video of “how the Uyghur Genocide looks” and how much it reminds of of the Holocaust :
SOME UYGHURS RELEASED FROM CAMPS: some unable to walk without support & unable to recognize their family/friends

(20) Recent example:
“As chief rabbi, I can no longer remain silent about te plight of the Uighurs, Ephraim Mirvis”


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