Chinese Government admits Encarceration & Forced Labour of 7,8 Million Uyghurs

Chinese staat: Bijna 8 miljoen Oeigoeren door China in kampen opgesloten van 2014 tot 2019

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China on September 17, 2020 published a White Paper with the title ‘Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang’.

Compilation of the news of Thursday night, Sept. 17, 2020: Uyghurs in Concentration Camps and under Forced Labour in China

It proves the fact, as known by human rights advocates for quite a while, that the Chinese government has jailed millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps and abused for forced labour since 2014. We estimated 3-9 millions might be jailed. Now China stated:

From 2014-2019 EACH YEAR 1,29 million of Uyghurs have been detained and/or were placed into forced labour (=7,8 million, 2020 still missing). The earlier figure of “about 1 million Uyghurs” was not correct anyway because about HALF A MILLION OF UYGHUR CHILDREN also encarcerated, were never added, unfortunately, while also, and especially, childrens lives do matter!

1. Reaction by Dr. Adrian Zenz, 17.9.2020

2. The White Paper, 17.9.2020

3. First media publication by the South China Morning Post, 17.9.2020

1. Adrian Zenz – 17.9.2020

This is no.1 of 15 tweets Dr. Zenz wrote on this topic. Please go to his Twitter account to read the whole series of messages.

Adrian Zenz:

“In sum, the new White Paper gives no conclusive insight on internment camp detainee numbers, but confirms that there are several millions in different forms of coercive labor in Xinjiang.

THREAD: My comments on Xinjiang’s first-ever effort to counter allegations of forced labor, through a White Paper. Has some interesting new figures.

Keys to getting the most out of it (and avoiding false readings): 1. context, 2. read between lines /1″

2. White Paper – 17.9.2020

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China


SCMP – 17.9.2020

China claims 1.3 million Xinjiang residents given ‘vocational training’ each year

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