Urgent Letter To The Dutch King

China Alarm – URGENT! 18.1.2021- Complete Letter w Request To Dutch King b/c


(Ruth Barnett, holocaust survivor)

Watching some news today, our King, Willem-Alexander, suddenly appeared on tv in a webinar about suicide prevention.

What our King said, led to this action:

“Suicide is getting out of the taboo in the 21st century”.

China Alarm responded: “Yes, happily! Highly important.
However, GENOCIDE still did not get out of the taboo… not even after the Holocaust!…
Your speech of May 2020…?…!
We NEED you!”



“Geachte Koning Willem-Alexander

Wij hebben u dringend nodig! Nederland heeft een ❤️, compassie nodig. #NietWegkijken mbt mensenrechten, ook niet mbt CHINA! Sinds 2014 tot 9 miljoen Oeigoeren in concentratie kampen. Never Again!

Aub praat met ons! U KUNT helpen! Samen creatief!?
@koninklijkhuis “


Dear King Willem-Alexander,

Please listen to these two British ladies, both Holocaust survivors:
Mrs. Ruth Barnett MBE and Mrs. @DoritOliver Wolff BEM who recently spoke with @YetAgain about why they feel the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill in the UK must be passed. Both Jewish women have a short, truthful and very powerful message for MPs China Alarm also wants you to take notice of:

1.) Dorit Oliver-Wolff

2.) Dorit Oliver-Wolff & Ruth Barnett


China Alarm would love to talk to you. No politics. Just human rights. We will tell you about all you missed out on following the Dutch media and this way we will present the complete truth by facts to you. Unfortunately, a much less positive picture than portrayed by our media. We will introduce you to the picture victims of the Chinese regime and human rights advocates get up with and go to bed with every day, for years already, the TRUTH about human rights in China.  We have ideas about how you could make a big DIFFERENCE – if you wanted to.

Your strong words of May 2020 are telling us you would like to do all you can to help. Please, do so. At least, get to know and think about it.

Please, TALK TO US, contact us.

1. For humanity in general,

2. for Uyghurs, Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetans, Christians and other victims and survivors,

3. for all Dutch citizens, especially Dutch patients in need of transplantations, and

4. Last but not least: for our democracy, rule of law and freedom!

We will tell you what should have happened years ago and NEEDS TO VERY URGENTLY HAPPEN NOW.

Please mail to:
Info @ chinaalarm. nl

Thank you very much!


Our King visited this  important project preventing suicides some days ago. Link to the FB page of the Dutch Royal House

113 Zelfmoordpreventie



News article on this topic, today on the national news on TV:


King of the Netherlands



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