China Alarm – 17.12.2020

Open Letter to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Minister Affairs Stef Blok & Wishes for X-mas


His so called “predominantly postmotal donors in China” – as he misinformed Dutch MPs and citizens in June 2020 – in reality are young healthy prisoners of conscience slaughtered by China’s regime for organs and money – since 21 years

A very valuable read (link to the article below) for especially minister Blok and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs who do not seem to want to inform and protect Dutch citizens and transplant patients from becoming complicit in murder/s (*) in China

1. Our minister received the same advice by China Alarm long ago: Lawyer Carlos Iglesias, Doctors Against Forced OrganHarvesting (DAFOH): “The Spanish lawyer then asked the Italian parliamentarians to “❗protect the Italian people, informing them so that they do not participate without their knowledge❗, or turning a blind eye, in these atrocities”. In addition to advising Parliament to set up an independent observatory on organs in Italy and to start “international collaboration to try to stop these atrocious practices that are taking place in China”.”

2. The ministry in 2020 let us know it does not think China’s Transplant Abuse is a crime committed by the Chinese government… known since 7 years in Europe, still not known to our minister? or is it about not wanting to know eventually?!

“On 12 December 2013, the European Parliament unanimously passed a resolution that “expresses deep concern at the continuing reports from reliable sources about systematic and ❗state-authorized incidents of forced organ harvesting…” ❗

3. According to #StefBlok in China organs come “predominantly from postmortal donors”, although in Europe it is already 7 years known for sure: “from ❗unwilling prisoners of conscience❗ in the People’s Republic of China…” – When they are “unwilling”, minister Blok, it means they still do have a will and thus are still ALIVE. So, it is high time to finally correct your highly mindboggling information given to Dutch MPs based on nothing but at best lack of knowledge or lack of will to accept facts and reality. Or were you even trying to support the Chinese narrative? MPs deserve an explanation how come they were so misleadingly misinformed by you!

Further, you promised to MPs months ago to come back on it and inform them about where you had found the wrong information given. You still did not fulfill your promise! You even published that totally wrong and misleading information on a governmental site, the site of the Dutch House of Parliament! – where the lie after half a year is still misinforming Dutch people! Dutch people and MPs deserve to be told the truth. The website of the House of Parliament should merely display correct information.

Such misinformation would never be allowed on China Alarm. We are strongly directed at informing correctly. The same effort in holding on to truth we expect from a governmental website! When, minister Blok do you finally plan to solve this problem? In the meantime, half a year of misinformation by which a massmurder was pushed under the lovely, colourful Dutch tulip carpet, deserves also an excuse, apart from correction! Sorry to say but all assertiveness and action we can expect from you is lacking unfortunately, since almost half a year, reason why China Alarm is of the opinion you urgently need to be reminded once more.

Given the fact your ministry does not answer decent important e-mails, we openly raise the questions which needs to be answered. You do not need to answer on this post, we highly appreciate it if you just turn to the MPs you misinformed (or to the media, so the media finally can do its job to educate, warn, and support keeping Dutch citizens healthy and innocent).

Please, finally correct the disturbing fault on the governmental website and, once more: “the topic of forced LIVE organ harvesting is strongly damaged by the all truth lacking publication”!

You might have a nicer X-mas solving this problem. Doesn’t your conscience haunt you?

Christmas means peace, love, light into the dark and a fresh beginning.

– Peace for your own mind and up to a million of murdered victims you wiped under the carpet as “postmortal donors”, their needless, horrible murders, of especially Falun Gong practitioners, denied

– love for the Dutch people

– light/truth for MPs and

– a fresh start into the topic of forced organ harvesting in China on the political agenda for 2021. That’s China Alarm’s X-mas wish for you. Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for taking notice.

(*) “Murder/s”: Regularly, as we had to learn, for one transplantation more murders are committed by the Chinese regime because of complications during or after the operation.


The Epoch Times – 17.12.2020

Forced organ harvesting continues in China, a new hearing in the Chamber of Deputies

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